Car cam traffic stop issue

I want to provide some feedback for the ring car cam. Sometimes when I’m in the car I open the Alexa app and I say Alexa remind me to buy milk or something like that and as soon as I say the word Alexa the car cam does a traffic stop recording.
I did not say Alexa record. All I said was the word Alexa and then the car cam started recording.
I thought that it was supposed to listen to the keywords Alexa record but apparently if I just say the word Alexa it starts doing a traffic stop maybe that’s a bug I don’t know but can you please fix that because sometimes I like to talk to the Alexa app on my iPhone in the car and say Alexa remind me of something.

Hi @Ladude18. Thank you for this feedback! I’ll be sure to forward this information to the appropriate team to look into this. Thanks again.

The other issue with the Car Cam traffic stop is, you actually have to be in a stationary position before it will work when you say record. While in motion the traffic stop feature does not work.

It should work no matter if you’re in motion or not, most people would probably begin the recording once the emergency light is activated.