Car cam recording

OK, several questions with a total lack of instructions for the car cam

  1. it is supposed to record while driving. I see recordings which say driving local storage but when I go to view them it says can’t play video, privacy cover closed. So it only records the inside camera? That is less than useless.

  2. The same above goes for a motion notification I’m assuming outside the vehicle. Same message when I go to view even though it appears the motion occurred outside the vehicle.

  3. what exactly is the purpose of the privacy cover and what does and does not work when it is closed?

  4. Alexa, record doesn’t work at all

Seriously, you need to provide some useful user instructions with this thing.


I am having the exact same issues. Also the lights on the camera wont turn on even though the say they are on

Unless I am missing something I find this car cam useless. If it won’t continuously record while driving it is of no use to me. I don’t need it to just record something should i be involved in an accident. By then what would the point be?

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It records the entire trip. There’s a flip camera button that will show the exterior camera’s POV. It records the exterior even when the privacy shutter is closed.

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Thanks, I had noticed that but had never hit it. For those that don’t understand, when you play back the video in the app, there is an icon in the upper right to switch between the views from the camera.

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People may not be able to see it based on lighting conditions. E.G. if it is cloudy the icon may be hidden because it is white on white.

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