Car Cam Purchase through Amazon

I purchased the Ring Car Cam through Amazon on 2/18/23. The shipping previously said May - July 1, 2023 and it was then changed to July 29, 2023. On the Ring website, there is no where that I found for me to purchase direct, but an enter your email to let me know when the product is available. Is it that Ring just sold out or was it never launched? Amazon and Ring Customer Service has been no help. Is there anyone out there that has received one?

Hi @user50902. The Car Cam was released, but we are out of stock as of now. That is the reason why the product page for the Car Cam asks for your email to notify you when it is available again.

@Justin_Ring - Is there an ETA on when this will be available?

Hi @doclee7123. We do not have an ETA on availability of any devices that are out of stock. You can provide your email address on the product page to be notified when it’s available for purchase again.

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