Car cam is completely useless as advertised (security)

This COMPLAINT has been blown off repeatedly in other entries, that were “closed” as “resolved.” This issue is NOT RESOLVED. The car cam will cut power, making it WORTHLESS as a security cam like advertised! My car battery is NEW and is NOT the issue. The highest setting makes no impact and the longest it stays on is an hour after the ignition is off in the vehicle. I contacted Ring BEFORE purchasing to ask if it would function like my home sensors and alert me for motion detection. I was ASSURED it would! Furthermore, when I complained about this issue and wanted a refund I was refused as I purchased it from a third-party (Ring has no idea when they’ll even be shipping these worthless devices). Ring KNOWS this issue and is likely reengineering it to correct the obvious design flaw. NOW my only work-around is to hardwire it and pay more money to have an installer do that so I don’t take a complete bath on this junk! I’ve had other “issues” with Ring support but this is borderline FRAUD! I told the manager I spoke with I may dump Ring entirely over this final straw and he seemed completely unconcerned and UNWILLING to provide any compensation. Thank you Ring. FOR NOTHING!!