Car cam is a big disappointment. 20 sec download limit

The most ridiculous thing about this car cam is the limitation to a 20 second video clip as a download.

Even on home Wi-Fi they’re limiting the file size. I had an aggressive driver the other day cut me off shortstop and the entire length of events was over 4 minutes.

It took me hours to try to get the 20sec video clips that I actually wanted to make up this entire 4 minutes.

Dear ring are you planning on fixing this major design flaw? If not I got another 2 weeks of my return policy and this thing is going back.


This is disappointing. I am planning to return that too. This is what they are expecting people to pay for. They need to work on that.

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I sure hope they’ve got staff on hand to handle all these returns. If they were smart, they’d extend the return window so we can give them a chance to fix some of these issues to see if this device is worth keeping.


Downloads should also be available over WiFi - a MUST to be in the same league as other brands. I believe I’m reading they’re only available over LTE, which is limiting, and could have a data charge at some point. Sucks they just want that additional revenue stream (I’m SURE they get something out of us paying AT&T).

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Patients with any new tech device is going to be tested. This Blog will be of great benefit to the Ring Car Cam developers and software gurus as they push new features our way. Including the ones outlined in this blog. Until then, patience and proactive suggestions should prevail for the betterment of all car cam owners.

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I really thought I was doing something wrong. What if my car cam records something important that I need to furnish to law enforcement? And the 20s thing doesn’t even work well: most of the time I don’t get a notification when the video clip is “ready.”
I am paying for a subscription for this device. Everything it has recorded should be available for at least a decent amount of time, if not forever.