Car cam data limit

The new car cam has a 2 GB data limit for a month of service. If you go over the 2 GB you can opt in to pay for the extra data. Does anyone know what contributes to that 2 GB? Do all the uploads from camera (when not done on wifi) count? Or when I force the camera to do something, like live view?

I cannot find any information on what contributes to the 2 GB limit. I am coming from a dash cam with no data limit, but a substantially higher annual fee.

I have the same concerns especially since I don’t remember that limit being mentioned when I preordered the car cam.


Hi neighbors. The LTE data provided by the Ring Protect Go subscription is used for everything that is done when the Car Cam is not connected to wifi. This includes Live View, notifications, GPS location, Cloud Highlights, and more. You can see a list of the features that utilize the LTE data connectivity here, alongside the features that utilize wifi. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

2GB number doesn’t mean much without context.

  • Live View and Two-Way Talk - Depending on the codec used, 2GB could amount to 60 seconds of live view or it could amount to 60 hours. Can you please explain what the bandwidth requirements are for this feature?

  • When/How does the cam upload? - Is it constantly uploading via LTE while the vehicle is in motion or does it queue the video for later upload via WiFi?

  • How much data is used per month for video uploads to the cloud?

  • How much data is used per month for GPS tracking? - I assume this depends on how often the vehicle is driven. Can you provide an estimation of bandwidth usage per hour of driving?

Any insight you can provide would be helpful.


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Well hang tight, I’ll let you know soon. I had it hooked up within 15 min of it being delivered on the first day they were available.

I don’t park near WI-FI…ever. My motion sensitivity is set as high as it can go so I’ll let ya know how fast I burn through the 2 gigs and what it would cost me to opt in (purchase data in one gig increments [as customer support assured me I could]) enough times to make it through the month.

There is another variable: It’s storing locally when I’m driving…no data or Wi-Fi needed. I’m probably as close to average as far as time-driven per month.

Note: I’m currently on day 10

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Please keep us updated, as this is one of the deciding factors on purchasing this item.

When pre-ordering my Ring Car Cam on January 6, 2023, the Ring website made no mention of the 2 GB data limit - see Wayback Machine here. Deceptive advertisement?

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I noticed the same thing because I read the website pretty thoroughly before I ordered. And the fact that there isn’t any transparency as to how much data one has used, I’m not sure we’ll ever know before the return window closes. This was a very disappointing rollout of a product. It most likely will be sent back in the next two weeks if someone of the issues that have been reported by me and others are addressed with updates.

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