Car Cam - Can't Share or Download Videos

Hi, I have the option in the app to share or download videos from my car cam. I click either one, but nothing happens. My car cam is connected to my wifi. Both my live view and timeline work fine. But for some reason, I can download any video or share it. It does show the “Your video is uploading. We’ll notify you when it is ready!” message, but that is it. I’ve tried restarting both my iPhone and Car Cam. My friend who has the ring car cam is running into the same issue.

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I am having the same issue. And it can only download 20 seconds of video. That is useless.


I am having the same problem for 2 days now,and nothing download or share says it downloading and will let you know,I’ve been waiting for 2 days now.Also mone keeps turning off after a few hours.

Same here, I may return my camera since i can download 20sec only, My blackvue is a killer compared to this Ring Car Cam

20 Secs of video is all that Ring is allowing for download at this point. Pretty useless and why do we have to agree to something each time, The ring doorbell and other ring cameras around the house (inside and out) don’t ask for this.


Hi neighbors. At this time, you can only download 20-second segments of a drive event, which are locally stored on Car Cam. Here’s how to select a specific segment to download:

• Open the desired drive event (or select on your Event Timeline)
• Select the start location of the clip.
• Click More (…) » Download » Agree & Continue » Wait for video to process.

Your video will be processed and the Ring app will notify you when the clip is ready for download. If you’re having difficulty downloading local video, and your Car Cam is powered and connected, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

This is really annoying. With any other dash cam I have had full access to the recorded video. We know that it is on the Car Cam disk, so why don’t we have access to it? Why can’t we get to it via Wi-Fi? Why can’t we get to it simply by plugging into the Car Cam?

20 seconds is useless. And to get what I need I have to do this process multiple times, and each time wait for a notification that it is available. And there is no download area where I can get to all of the downloads so if the link notifications are cleared I’m just out of luck and have to start over again.

It’s really frustrating when you spend $200 for a fancy camera that doesn’t support basic stuff. Did you guys ever use a dash cam? This is just a big miss when you expect so much more from Ring.

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This limitation is absurd. 20 seconds!? Why???


When are full downloads going to be available? That was the main reason I purchased the car cam plan.

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20 seconds! Ring, this needs to be greatly extended!

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It would be cool if it would at least download the correct 20 seconds… I’ve been trying to download multiple 20 second clips but no matter which segment I request, it downloads the same one. Maybe I need to go down to my car and reboot the device?

It would be bad enough if this were the “free level” of service… It’s insane that we’re expected to pay for this.

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