Can't view camera history from today

Hi, in our Ring App (one Samsung, one iPhone), we can’t view any camera history from today, but going back to yesterday and sooner, the videos play correctly.

Edit: checking online, it says video can’t be processed, try again later for today’s videos.

Mine is the same, im also not getting notifications when the ring is pressed, although it rings at the front door, just not on the phone.

I noticed that the desk top site is having the same issue. It seems that every video after 0530 this morning is showing as not loading.

Any updates on this?

I called the support number, and there is a recording that says they are aware there is an issue with some features of the app, and they are working on it. No ETA provided.

Maybe slowly coming back? I have a 6:15 video that works, but he next one at 6:44 does not.

We’ve got SIX Ring Cams: one floodlight cam, two stick up cams (outdoors) and three inside the house. None of them have recorded or picked up any motion since 7:49EDT this morning 9/30. I wasted 35 minutes with Ring tech support when I only called to get an ETA for this issue to be corrected but the tech just kept harping that there was a glitch in our system. There is NOT. It’s clearly a Ring/Cloud Video Recording issue, but that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is we have a crack house across the street and our safety is being compromised by the system being down. Hop to it Ring! I’ve been bragging on the Ring Cams for 9 months now. Today? Forget it!

I’ve attached a screen shot of the message I’m still getting.

Same issue here. I noticed that the camera wasn’t picking up on people motions. It picked up a car, and a cat. I didn’t notice this was a problem until about 1pm EDT or so.

I rebooted the cam and reinstalled the app. Then I noticed all the service outages for the servers. Right now, my notifications are going crazy lol, picking up on pretty much nothing, giving notifications for everything, even though people only mode is kicked on…

Yeah, they obviously need to fix it on their end. Everything has been working great for me for weeks until today.

Hi neighbors. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our processing infrastructure is running behind which is causing delays – we are working to resolve it ASAP. No data has been lost and the system should be caught up shortly. Be sure to check for updates here.

My account is current and live view and doorbell alerts work but history gives me a message saying: “This footage is unavailable”. Please help.