can't tell when someone is at the door

The ring is heard outside but not inside of the house; we do have the ring chime too.

Hi @TrishaAl! As long as your Doorbell is online and notifying your mobile device of a button ring event, this should also sound your Chime. Please ensure the Chime is also setup, online, and placed between the router and Doorbell in your home. In the Ring app, visit your Video Doorbell device page, select Linked Devices, and ensure the Chime is linked for ring/ motion alerts. Next, visit your Chime page in the Ring app and select Audio Settings to ensure there is a Chime Tone selected. Here you can also check volume controls. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@TrishaAl wrote:

The ring is heard outside but not inside of the house; we do have the ring chime too.

Hi @TrishaAl ,

When you said, “The ring is heard outside but not inside of the house”, I was wondering if you meant that you were referring to a pre-existing wall-mounted house bell that worked with your old regular doorbell button? And now that no longer gives you the “Ding-Dong” sound as it did before?

If this is so, chances are that your Ring Video Doorbell model is on the default Chime setting of “None” (because Ring does not know which type of pre-existing bell your house might have). In the phone App, from main menu select ‘Devices’ and go to ‘Device Settings’ > ‘General Settings’. In ‘Internal Doorbell Settings’ select ‘Doorbell Chime Type’ and change from “None” to either “Mechanical” or “Digital” (depending on which type of house chime you currently have installed in your house).

You can determine if you have a Mechanical or Digital bell generally by listening to the way the house bell sounds. If you are not sure whether your old wall-mount house bell-chime is “Mechanical” or “Digital”, there is a link to a video and at the 2:20 minute part of this video you can hear the difference between these two type of “Ding-Dong” sounds. Also if you have a Digital bell, you may need to utilize a diode (depending on your model video doorbell).

If you still cannot get your wall-mounted house chime to sound, you may have an incompatible house chime for your doorbell, and you should check by going to and where it says, _“How can we help” _ type in Chime Compatibility List and select the appropriate listing for your model video doorbell.

I hope you find this information useful, if indeed you were referring to the house-bell chime, and not just your additional Ring Chime device. :slight_smile:

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