Can't see detail between events in timeline if more than 7 days ago?

I’m unsure how to describe this but a day ago I could see footage seconds between motion events when I viewed a date (i.e. 6/13/20). Today, when I go to that same date, I only see the motion events. Our cat was abducted from a part of the yard that is not in the motion, we had tried to snapshot between the motion events of what we believe is someone grabbing the cat. :frowning: Today I can’t get the seconds between the events anymore for that day. Does that expire after a week? I’m trying to attach a screenshot of what I mean - so you can see how 6/13 vs. 6/15 looks (the latter still shows the seconds between events). Also, is there a way to just get the full video from a camera for a specific date that includes the footage between motion events?

Anyone have any idea? I guess perhaps I should try calling someone at Ring support about how the timeline works because it does seem to change after 7 days on what you can view.

Hey @legorman36. As stated in our Help Center Article here, Snapshots will be stored in the cloud for seven days. After that they are automatically deleted. This will not affect any of your motion events or Live Views. You will still have any videos you have in your event history from Motion, Dings, or Live Views to view within 30-60 days (depending on your region and how long storage is allowed for your region).

I recommend saving any Snapshots you see, especially as they reach the 7 day expiration, so that you do not lose these Snapshots. In addition, I recommend saving any Snapshots that you may need to enlarge, as you cannot view them in Landscape mode via the Event History Timeline. Hope this helps clear that up for you!

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