Can't Monitor Shared Accounts At 2 Locations With Ring Web Version

For some reason the Windows 10 Ring App doesn’t work anymore. It may or may not be restored as I understand Ring wants to use a web based monitoring program. First let me say this is a bad ideal and the Windows 10 App should be repaired. Ring should have asked their customers what works for them before messing up something that works. Why wasn’t it tweaked instead of ditched? Now on to the problem. I monitor two households. with the Windows 10 app I could see and monitor both houses at the same time by simply skipping to the camera that alerted. The web interface is seriously lacking. When I log in, all I can see is my own house. I don’t see anyway to keep track of both houses unless I log into the second account and keep two browser windows open. I used to keep the Win10 app narrowed down to one column of cameras. I could quickly click on the alert and keep working while peeking at what alerted the camera. Now I can’t narrow the windows without squashing the view panels down to large icons. That means two browser windows are taking up my second monitor. Ring, FIX THE WINDOWS 10 APP! Some of us don’t want or need your web version unless you build in a way to monitor shared users like we can on our phones!