Cant hear any of my Floodlight or Stick up Cams sirens through my App

Whenever I have an intruder I set my siren off but when I watch it through the ring app I cant hear the siren. I’ve tested it by turning on the siren and hearing it, but I still cant hear it in my app with all the videos I see on the internet you can hear the siren going off. i can hear them and if i answer they can hear me that all gets picked up in app, Just not the siren.

Hi there, @JoshRose! If this was a trick at getting me to activate my siren, it worked. In all seriousness, there were some videos where I could hear the siren slightly through my mobile device, and others where I could not. I found that the videos that I spoke in, the siren was not heard. It is possible that the vocal audio is more prioritized over the siren in these instances, or the loudness of the siren is sometimes not received. My Camera is inside of my garage, which might help with me hearing the sound, as it has walls to reverberate off of.

Ultimately, if you can confirm during tests that your Camera siren is sounding, even if you cannot hear it, rest assured it is sounding when needed most. Is this experience the same for all of your Cameras, as you indicated to have multiple? Understanding how important this feature can be, consider this feedback shared with our teams here for further consideration. :slight_smile:

Tested it so that my mic was muted and still couldn’t hear the siren, tried in my garage too but still nothing in app.

Are the Videos faked? the sirens sound very loud even when they are talking.

Hi there, @JoshRose! As I looked further into this, and tested with our teams here, it looks like this experience can be depending on many things. Variables such as mobile device type (software/ hardware), environment, audio communication efficiency, and more can factor in to whether the siren is heard or not through the Ring app. As we are always working to improve our neighbors’ experience, consider this feedback shared with the team. At this time, there is not a feature that will ensure for the siren to be heard, or not heard, while you are engaging in two way audio via the Ring app, however, this does not impact operation or the siren from actually sounding.

Feel free to also add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile: