Can't hear alarm

I need to add a siren to my second floor, because the Ring base station is located on the first floor and we cannot hear it. What devices do I need to both hear and set the alarm from our bedroom ?

Hello @madman ,

If you want an additional siren, the “Dome Siren” might be what you are looking for, and will loudly sound off whenever the Ring Base Station does (as long as it is within the Z-Wave range). The battery in this Dome Siren is suppose to be good for up to 3 years, and the two CR123A batteries are easy to replace! It is relatively small ( just under 3" in diameter and about 1" thick) and can be placed on a table or shelf, and comes with double-sided tape for mounting, or can hung on a wall by the ‘nail-hole’ on its back (just like a small picture frame).

As for “what devices do I need to both hear and set the alarm from our bedroom” don’t forget that the Ring App on you cellular phone can both let you know when the alarm sounds and be used for setting your alarm. If you want, you can also purchase an additional Ring Keypad. Although you can use either the Keypad (1st Generation) or the Keypad (2nd Generation) because both are compatible with your Base Station, I would recommend spending the little extra and purchase the 2nd Gen for use in the bedroom. The Keypad (2nd Gen) does display when it is ‘armed’ or 'disarmed, by illuminating the upper row of “Disarmed”, “Home”, or “Away” buttons, when the motion sensor (the little opaque-white window, lower-left-corner of Keypad) detects you (or your hand) are near, and these buttons will illuminate, as long as the “Power Save Mode” is toggled OFF. The Keypad (2nd Gen) also takes into account whether it is dark or light around it by illuminating all the buttons at night when motion is detected. But the lights on the Keypad (1st Gen) remain constantly illuminated and therefore can be distracting in a dark bedroom when you are trying to sleep.

The extra bedroom Keypad has the added benefit of the sounding the audible alarm when the Base Station is triggered (so you may not need the Dome Siren), and the Keypad will also produce the Chirp Tones that you hear. You also have the Police, Fire, and Medical Response team buttons within close reach (if you have the Professional Monitoring with Ring Protect Plan “Plus”), with the added “Panic Button” feature (pressing the “X” and “Check-Mark” keys simultaneously). But other people are content to just have their cellphones on their night-stand, to use the App’s red SOS button Panic feature.

To purchase the Keypad (1st Gen):

To purchase the Keypad (2nd Gen):

If you like more information about the Keypad (1st Gen):

I hope you find this information helpful. :slight_smile:

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