Can't get security screws off!

I called Ring for support and received absolutely NO help. I need to get the cover off of my doorbell so I can charge it. One of the screws is stripped and I have tried everything suggested. I asked the Ring rep for a list of people who can help repair Ring products and he said that they don’t have a list. Seems like it might be time to look for another product. I’ll probably have to pry the cover off and hope that I don’t ruin everything in the process.

I did call Ring support and they were NO help.

Thanks for this suggestion. It worked for me!

Add me to the list, first and last ring product. This is such a dumb design it defies all logic, metal screws into a plastic case??? DO NOT BUY RING!!!

I have a doorbell Pro. I tried most of what everyone has mentioned with no success. What finally worked was using a thin screwdriver to carefully pull back the top of cover plate just far enough to expose the reset button. While holding back the cover plate, I used the screwdriver to gently push in on the reset button. I then pushed back the cover in place. It worked with no cracking to the cover.

I had the same issue with one of my security screws. Probably due to freezes or being screwed on too tight, the female part of the screw had separated from the plastic. I forced a thumbtack between the plastic and the female piece while simultaneously unscrewing the male pieces and it eventually came out.

Lost my special screwdriver. I used another person’s idea to pry back the top of the case to press the button on the side. Worked fine.

But since I’ll be moving soon, I’ll still need to remove it. So while prying, I just kept prying out and down, and the case popped out, leaving the screw behind. The case was not damaged, and the screw was easy to remove with my fingers afterwards.

I didn’t reinstall the screw. I’m going to sell Ring and get Eufy instead, since I want access to my recordings without having to pay.

Was anyone able to fix this? Having same problem!

So this is fun. Glad (ish) to see I’m not the only one. I got my ring last Spring. Charged it up, mounted it up.

A while later the battery dies in it. So I go to remove it to charge it, and the same issue. Screw is just spinning, meaning whatever the screw “bit”into is just spinning around inside the housing.

So I go to ring customer support and the response I got back was, no lie, “that’s a non-emergent issue cause COVID.” I emailed twice since. No response at all either time.
Currently waiting on a callback from ring. Not optimistic. Just peeved I bought the stupid thing to hang it on the outside of my house uselessly for ten months.

I had the same problem, there’s a tool called vampliers - you can get it on Amazon - works quickly plus it’s useful to keep around because it really makes removing screws easy

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One of the screws on my ringdoor bell will not undo, it just keeps spinning around. This is a nightmare as it means I wont be able to charge it!

Can someone help pls?


I had the same issues with the screws. After finally getting the doorbell off the plate, I realized that it’s not the screws that are stripped, the screw and what it screws into has probably come “unglued” from the plastic Ring casing. After getting the security screws and the piece that it actually screws into off the doorbell, I used some pliers and the appropriate security screwdriver to remove the security screw out of the “nut”. I’m going with some super glue to try and get the “nut” to secure to the plastic so I can reinsert the screws.

Not huge faith in these “security screws” for a $200 doorbell.

I’ve had several of the Ring video doorbell products and the screws are constantly getting stripped and they just turn. I called Ring support and they told me I need to buy a new one as it’s over 1 year. This is a known defect. Stay away from Ring.

Ring does not care about this issue.
This is a design flaw and they don’t seem inclined to fix it.
Essentially they set a metal nut with a gear like connection in a plastic cylinder. That means if you ever over-drive the screw you will instantly strip the nut out of the housing and you will no longer be able to use the set screw since the screw and nut will now spin together as one unit in the plastic cylinder. Everyone in design knows you CANNOT set a metal nut in plastic unless you have a high amount of interactive surface area to ensure what I just described doesn’t happen.
This should have been caught in QA which means either it was and they ignored it (morally bad) or it wasn’t caught at all (QA skill fail)
Either way this is terrible.
Even worse, they have been informed about this issue and yet their techs are still telling people to use a rubber band to fix this. Poor. The issue is not a stripped screw head it is the nut that is stripped.

I will never buy Ring products again.
At a minimum they need to replace EVERY device FOR FREE with this issue with a new version that works.
Either that or provide a retrofit kit that we can field repair.
What gets me, as a product design engineer, is that there is metal near the plastic cylinder. All they had to do was extend the metal along the bottom. But the didn’t. They made the bottom out of plastic. That was their mistake.


I experienced a similar problem removing the security screw with the special tool to recharge the battery. The special tool just would not fit! I have been trying since June to remove the security screw. After trying Allen wrenches, small Phillips and flat head screw screwdrivers, and the special tool again and again, I employed the use of a Phillip’s head screwdriver from an eyeglass repair kit, similar in size to the special tool, and was finally able to remove the security screw. I am not sure if I am going to reinsert the security screw again.

This experience somewhat sours me on the whole Ring doorbell security alarm system. The periodic need to recharge or replace batteries is a bit much. Additionally, my motion detector fell, came apart and the batteries fell out. I put it back together and sat the motion detector on the fireplace mantle instead of putting it back up for it to fall again. I know I will have to replace the batteries soon!

I know a lot of Ring customers love it for the security alarm system, however, if I was starting over again Ring would not be high on my list of home security solutions.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community, @ejarstar! Sorry to hear about this mounting parts for your Doorbell and Alarm.

When it comes to removing the security screw, we recommend neighbors try using needle nose pliers to grab and delicately pull on the screw while turning it to remove. A rubber band can also accomplish the same. Great call on trying out a smaller or similar sized screw driver, this information will certainly help others.

If you feel like the screws are not going to come out if reinserting them or without excessive effort, Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here . We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Our support team is always happy to help.

Our accessories page at also contains spare parts for most Video Doorbell models. :slight_smile: