Can't get ring doorbell 2 off mounting bracket

This drove me nuts for a few. But then did the reverse of the image in the booklet. Pulled the bottom of the bracket outwards and then the rest follows easily.

Try using the trusty butterknife. slide into the bottom between bracket and doorbell and give a little twist.

You literally saved my hand and my sanity. This worked for me immediately. Thank you!

best answer ever - thanks for the pics. support team should pay you :slight_smile:

Use a credit/plastic loyalty card. Slide in from the bottom and gently twist.

I tried a thin knife before all I achieved was cut fingers.

Why on earth do ring ship the unit with the backplate attached is pure madness!!

Remove the bottoms securing screws and Try separating by pulling it apart at the outer center edges of mounting bracket. No slide action. The bracket will flex/bow just slightly and should separate pretty easily.

Hi Everyone. I’ve just purchased this device and struggled to take the back off. Make sure you take 2 screws out the bottom. Then stick 2 nails (on your finger) and pull it APART not up or down motion! Just pull it away from the device! Great day ?

After talking with RING CSR, it seemed (TO ME ANYWAY) the lady did’t really know how to get the back off. Finally the after being put on hold for awhile, she said pry it off from the bottom of the RING camera.

I broke a few fingernails but obtained a very small opening. Next, BE CAREFULL DOING THIS, my wife gently pushed my letter opener, which widened the opening. Then, I had a little give in the cover and I reefed/ pulled on the cover, seperating it from the actual RING Doorbell Camera. It finally came off. I guess I was being to gentle, thinking it woud break everything.

I totally agree! Put it in the instructions!!!

It’s insane!!! Thanks for posting!

You open it from the side with your fingernails

Re: Can’t get ring doorbell 2 off mounting bracket

Hi neighbors! I wanted to share a very helpful video that shows exactly how the mounting bracket is separated from the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation. This link HERE will take you to our YouTube channel where the procedure is found 20 seconds into the video. The Ring YouTube channel has lots of tips and tricks!

Thank you! this comment is the one that actually got mine apart!

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It was simple by pushing my fingernails under the edge on the SIDES of the bracket and pulling. It came right off.

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It’s held by a strong magnet. Hold at the center and pull apart gently.

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Turn the unit to the side and put your finger nail between the unit and the wall mount it will open up

I had the same problem…5 minutes ago. I took a case knife and gently inserted it at a the bottom of the doorbell and slid it upward…came right off.

Eureka! Unable to brute force it apart, so I inserted multiple fingernails between the backet and the doorbell near the bottom of the unit and gently pried them apart. They parted surprisinly easy. Once slightly pried apart, the bracket and doorbell actually fell apart. The User Guide is very poorly done. Eureka!

Thanks that’s a great help I thought it would but didn’t want to force it.I used a small flat blade at the bottom and it opened no proble.You should sign up with ring ?