Cant get mechanical door bells to work

Can’t get my mechanical door bell to work with ring. Not sure if wiring is correct.please help. Here is a pic of the wiring. I have two mechanical doorbells

Hi @user3516. Which model of Ring Doorbell do you have? You can find this information on the original packaging, on the back of the Doorbell itself, and on the Device Health page in the Ring App.

All it says on device health page is wired video doorbell

Here is the model number

@user3516 The model name would be the Video Doorbell Wired, thanks for sharing that information. As mentioned on the product page, the Video Doorbell Wired does not ring your internal doorbell. To hear audio alerts in your home, you can pair it with a Ring Chime or a compatible Alexa device. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: