Can't figure out where to install Pro Power Kit

Hi, looking at the instructions given, my chime box looks completely different than the instructions which aren’t very helpful. I will include a picture of my box that chimes. Can someone guide me as to where I need to put the pro power kit wires so that my Doorbell Pro will work correctly?


Hey @speedy0339. We may want to verify first if your Chime Kit is compatible! Do you know what kind of Nicor Chime Kit you have? You can verify which ones are compatible here. In addition, do you have any other pictures you can share of where these wire connect to your Transformer and to the Doorbell out front?

Do not see a manufacturer on my chime. It is digital and has the number Cat 1888. Other than that, I do not see anything on it. It looks nothing like the ones in the instructions.

Hi @BillPete. If you’re having a difficult time finding the type of Chime Kit you have, try taking a few photos of it and attaching them to a post. Then the Community can take a look and see if they can help you figure this out!