Can't engage motion detection

Using the ring app for the last two days on an Android device I can not engage motion detection for three video doorbell 2 units that have been working perfectly until now. Also the camera preview tiles show either a doorbell graphic or a blurred image and do not update. I have restarted the app, used two different android devices, and restarted my router. When attempting to engage motion detection, instead I get the motion settings screen showing which zones I would like to enable. All are enabled. Even after clicking the button to update the settings, still nothing.

There seems to be no issues on my iPad. So this appears to be something with the Android app because both Android phones I am using have the same issue.

You’ve covered some great steps. I recommend also checking for any Android apps that conflict with the Ring app, and disabling any VPN on the mobile device. Check out also our Help Center article for customizable motion zones. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: