Can't contact UK support

I have an issue where my door contact senor keeps displaying “Tamper”, I’ve completely removed and re-added and it still keeps happening. I’ve also checked that the battery compartment is completely closed.

I’ve contacted Ring via Chat and they said I need to call. I’ve now tried calling both UK numbers (01727 26 3045 & +4408081965767) and each time I get through, get the message “press 1 for English” I press 1 and nothing happens, it just cycles through the other options and then hangs up.

I’ve tried calling on my iPhone, my wife’s Android and my work landline, same issue each time! Does anyone have an email for support?

Hi @venkman. You’re on the right track with troubleshooting by removing it and re-adding it, as well as ensuring the cover is completely and firmly closed. The “Tamper” status indicates that the cover isn’t closed fully, but if it is still reading that after the troubleshooting you’ve done then something else may be causing the status not to update.

Our chat support is able to help with basic questions but aren’t able to help with more in-depth troubleshooting. That is what our phone support team can help with. During what time are you calling, and have you tried the worldwide number yet as well? You can find the hours of operation here.