Can't Connect Ring Peephole Camera with PC or Tablet?

I’ve tried several times to connect my Ring Peehole Cam to a PC or Tablet, and neither will connect. I’ve downloaded the Ring app, and when I click on “Set Up Device” it takes me to a page with instructions on how to set up a camera. I follow the instructions, and it always takes me back to the instructions page and can’t get passed that. My Amazon Echo Show won’t connect with Ring either.

Hi @JJD66. When you select Set Up a Device, you should get a screen similar to this (see attachment). From here you can select Doorbells and then your Peephole Camera to get this setup! Please note as well that you will need to set up from the tablet through the Ring app for ease. Could you please share a screenshot of the page you are seeing?

I’ve manged to get into the set up, but I get trough all the steps, and then get to connecting the tablet to the Ring camera, but I get a “connection failed”. I’ve tried everything to conncet the Ring, but I’m stumped.

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@JJD66 Does it say connection failed for when you are connected to the Ring AP, or when you are connecting to your wifi? What light pattern does the Peephole Cam? If you can duplicate this error message, please take a screenshot and let me know what error this is for!

I can’t connect the camera with the wifi. I keep trying again but get the same error message.
The light on the ring on the doorbell just keeps spinning around.
Photo is attached.

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@JJD66 Awesome, thank you for this! Since it cannot connect to your network, you may need to change some settings on your router to allow it to connect. Please visit our Help Center Article here to adjust the ports and protocols on your router, and let me know if this helps it connect after making the changes needed!

I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to changer router settings - no luck.

I haven’t officially given up, but getting there.

I had no idea this Ring was so hard to set up.

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@JJD66 Darn, I apologize that this has been so hard for you to set up. If you contact your ISP directly, they normally can walk you through these changes or make them for you. In the event you’ve made the changes and it still won’t connect, please reach out to our support team here for advanced troubleshooting!

Thanks, I’ll have to. I’ve tried everything there is to try to set it up, and all I get is “set up Failed”.