Can't answer doorbell in time


I have the original ring doorbell and the app on my Iphone. I’m finding that when someone is at the door, by the time I find my phone, open the app, and press a couple of buttons to get to the answer page the person has left the front door thinking no-one is home.

This is very frustrating and making the product worthless - does anyone know how to speed up the answer process?

Hi @SteveD61, have you heard of our Rapid Ring app? You can learn more about it here and I recommend downloading it and giving it a try! It should be exactly what you’re looking for so you can have faster load times to answer anyone at your door. Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

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Thanks Chelsea

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After spending hours with no success working with Ring support (even though they tried) I fumbled upon the fix!

All you need to do is go into your Ring app and disable the external doorbell.

Devices / Doorbell / Device Settings / General Settings

Change internal doorbell settings to none and test

This worked for myself and a few friends who couldn’t ever answer their door before the person left and now it works every time.

If I enable the legacy door bell it stops working again.

This might not help if you need that external doorbell however you can use the Ring chime as a work around until Ring gets this fixed

Good luck as this was very frustrating for a quite some time !

How silly is it to create a new app if something is not working instead fix the primary app if any problem like this. What happen if something else happen, create third app? how about send a good update to originally app