Can't add a Dome Siren device

I just follow the instructions :

  • Tap “Set Up a Device.”
  • Tap “Security Devices.”
  • Tap “Sirens.”
    • Note: Do not select “Alarms.”
  • Tap “Dome Siren”
  • Tap “Ready.”

There is no “Dome Siren” option in the Sirens list, so I tried to scan the serial number without success. The last option “I don’t have a QR code” doesn’t detect my device too. My Ring Alarm location is in Bulgaria, Europe. Is that the reason it doesn’t recognize the Dome Siren ?

Hi @petionet. Yes, you are correct that you don’t see the Dome Siren option as it is not available in your region. Different regions use different frequencies for Z-Wave, so devices from different regions will not be compatible as they won’t use the same Z-Wave frequency. Currently, the Dome Siren is only compatible with the Ring Alarm system in the United States.