Cant access live feed while video processing

I have a ring doorbell(battery), a ring flood light(hardwired) and a ring floodlight(battery). All 3 devices will alert me of motion or someone at door, but I cant get the live feed up until it finishes processing the video. So, if you are at my door and ring the doorbell, I cant see you or talk to you until after the video of you ringing the doorbell processes.

Is this normal function?

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Good question @BrianScherer! Your devices should allow you to initiate live streaming via the Live View button in your app, or by answering an event in real time. If you receive a notification that you’d like to answer, tapping on the notification banner or tapping Live View should connect you with the ongoing event. Once a live view is initiated, you are able to live stream the event for up to 10 minutes or until you end the live view.

There may be times, when a notification is unanswered, that the device has captured the default recording length clip and is processing or saving it while returning to a ready state. During this time, if a live view is triggered, it should also activate but may load or take a moment to connect. This will depend on battery level (if battery powered), signal strength, network efficiency, and method to live view. Check out our Rapid Ring app to see if this improves your live view speeds, as it is designed for a quicker access. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

My main issue with Ring, and I’m already too invested in the system to switch to another unfortunatly, is that the video feeds aren’t fast enough. If someone presses my doorbell, I get the notification, select the notification, then wait, and wait, and wait for the video to load. I shouldn’t have to. I should be able to just open the notification and see the video live, right now. If you can reach me for the notification, you should have enough bandwidth to load a video even at lower quality. Ring should send whatever quality is possible to actually have the event asnwered, rather than waiting on a high quality video and audio feed to be established. If I can’t answer the doorbell with the app, why even have the video doorbell at all?

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Hi @JeremyA! If the suggestions made previously in this thread did not help to optimize your experience with live video connection, try our Rapid Ring app. Rapid Ring is a “light” version of the classic Ring app with most of the features stripped out except for the ability to activate a Live View and respond to an event as quickly as possible. By using the Rapid Ring app in conjunction with the original Ring app, you’ll be able to answer your notifications as quickly as possible. Check out our help center article for more information on the Rapid Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: