Cannot set accurate motion zones

I have an LG V40 ThinQ with Android 10.0 with the Ring Pro (new version)(wired with separate transformer, no doorbell) . I’m using the Android mobile app version 3.38.1. When I installed the new doorbell pro, I had to redo the motion zones. The problem is the zones don’t adjust smoothly. I cannot make the zones shallow enough while keeping a rectangular shape. The adjusting dots will not move where I want them to go. Each time I delete a zone a start again, I can get different shapes. If I move a zone up in order to make a small rectangle, I cannot move back in place at the bottom of the screen. I tried calling support twice. The first time was worthless, the second time was a little better but I am still not happy with the zones. Does anyone know a work around? Here are the shapes I’m stuck with:

Thats very strange. Ususlly you have the option to drae them out rather than having specific shapes. Unless the pro has some UI function which highlight most effected areas where possibly major false alarms may keeo triggering? If not I would most likely point you in the direction of the actual ring support team rather than community as it could be a hardware issue.

I tried Ring support and they couldn’t help either. I tried two different techs and they both gave up. At least the second one said she would report it. I was hoping that someone may know a work around. I tried all the usual things; uninstalling & reinstalling, clearing the cache, clearing my phones cache, but nothing helped. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for trying. :v: