Cannot see "protect plan" tab

Hello, I am having an issue in which I do not see the protect plan for any of my locations. One of the plans has expired and I am not able to renew…

When I press on Protect Plan tab it takes me to an error screen below:

So noone posts anything that I have tried, here is what I have tried:

  • Contacted customer support (they do not know why and they said they will escalate months ago but the issue is still there)
  • Tried on different browsers (chrome, safari, firefox, edge), also tried on incognito mode.
  • I do not have a VPN and I reside in the USA.
  • I am the sole owner of the ring devices
  • I tried from multiple devices (Phone and PC)

What is the solution on this issue? I have been trying to fix this forever and I have waited for any updates but nothing so far.

Hi @marmar13. The only other thing I could think to check would be if you have logged into the wrong Ring account, you would not see any information in the Protect Plan tab. Otherwise, you have run through the basic troubleshooting steps I would have recommended. It would be best to follow up with our support team via one of the numbers here. You can also get in touch with our social support team by sending a message on Facebook @Ring.

I am on the right account and listed as the OWNER. I have contacted the ring support team but they always say they will escalate it but so far nothing. I am currently using protect plan plus for free pretty much since like May of last year, but I can’t make any changes to it. I will try support one more time but my hopes zero on that route.

Same here. This started last week:


If I click on the Protect Plan link I get the same error:

Likewise, I get the same “something went wrong” error from any cell phone/Ring app when trying to reference my plan.

Hi Neighbors. Thank you for providing this information. Rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Once I have an update regarding this concern, I will make sure to add that here. Thank you for your time and patience.