Cannot remove mount. What is this?

I moved into a house with a spotlight cam. They transferred ownership and it works great. I want to move it though and cannot figure out what this mount is. Is it 3rd party? How do you remove it? Thanks!

Hi @Ringuser61616. It appears to be the standard mount that comes with the Spotlight Cam Wired. That mount is attached to the wall with a mounting plate that is drilled into the wall. To remove it from the mounting plate, push it upwards and pull it towards you. We have this Help Center article with a video you can use for reference. I hope this helps!

I have the same exact problem, however pushing up and towards me didn’t resolve anything. The Ring Spotlight mount is firmly attached to my roof’s fascia and Ring Support was help whatsoever and referred me to my electrician. Go figure.

Hey Neighbors, feel free to reference this YouTube video here, where it shows how this device is mounted.

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