Cannot purchase 2nd basic plan


I’m trying to buy a 2nd basic plan for the extra device I’ve recently bought. When you click through the links there is no option to buy a second basic plan, only the upgrade to the Protect Plus. I can see my existing plan, but no option to extend it to two devices
Sure I’m missing something obvious but can anyone help?

Hi @mickpacker. This Help Center article here will outline the process for adding a second Ring Protect Plan to a new device. Once you’ve logged into, you can select the Protect Plan tile. Let me know if this helps!

Hi, I read the article but when I follow the instructions it doesn’t give me an option to purchase another basic plan only protect plus plan.

Hi @Tania2. How many devices do you currently have on a Ring Protect Basic Plan? Can you upload a screenshot of the error you are receiving so I can share this with my team? This will help us identify any underlying issues.