Cannot pair my Weiser Smart locks to the Ring system even though it has zwave technology

The base station not showing power light

Hi @user36877. Can you give us more information about this concern? Are you setting the device up for the first time? Are you getting any lights from the Base Station? Can you share a picture? We’d love to help, but we need a starting point for your concern. Thanks, neighbor.

I ahve resolved this issue but cannot pair my weiser smart locks even though they have zwave

Hi @user36877. That would be because that is not a compatible smart lock integration. You can find a list of compatible locks here.

So it has zwave will it ever be compatible? Also why is it so hard to speak with an agent by phone? It is always busy no matter the time of day.

Will a ZWave Plus chip be compatible with Ring??

Hi @user36877. I can’t speculate on what devices will be compatible in the future. At this time, only the smart locks on the list I’ve shared are compatible.

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