Cannot hear doorbell ringing

Hi. On our battery video doorbell we can hear all sounds, motion etc.
However if someone comes to door amd pushes doorbell we cannot hear anything internally and never know when anyone has been inc parcel deliveries. Are we missing something?

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@Blondie63 What is your internal set up? Do you have a chime box that was used with your old doorbell?

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I have a wired 2020 ver. No chime…but it is certainly hooked up to my existing doorbell…people push my ring doorbell and i dont hear a sound inside! I have no idea someone is at my door until they start banging on it! Help please…i didnt see an answer to her question?.

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Hi @bhschoolu2. You said that you don’t have a chime, does this mean you do not have a chime kit in your home? The chime kit is the part of the doorbell circuit inside your home that rings when the Doorbell is pressed. You should also be receiving notifications on your phone whenever someone rings the Doorbell as long as you have notifications toggled on and the Ring Alerts toggled on.

Hi i have all notifucation toggles on and nothing cimes through the app. The postman rang several times and confirmed i couldnt hear anything even though i was in the house.

Hi. I dont have a chime box but upon initial installation i was able to hear the doorbell ringing whilst sitting in the house via the app. Now nothing, although the postie hears the spoken instruction after hes rang the bell. I dont know what to try next!

Hi @Blondie63. What type of phone are you using and what version of the Ring app is installed? In the Ring app, you’ll need to select Device Settings and then General Settings to ensure that you have the correct chime kit type selected. What type of chime kit do you have, mechanical or digital? Also, which specific Doorbell model do you have? If you are unsure, the product name can be found in the Device Health menu.