Cannot find option for Pre-Roll

Hi All
Sorry if this is a stupid question but just recently got the Video Doorbell 2 Pro and wanting to get pre-roll enabled but im unable to find this option…

Is it automatically enabled or is something not quite right?


Sounds like a great option, wish my Ring Doorbell had it! :slight_smile:
Does this info help?
Pre-Roll and Advanced Pre-Roll - Understanding the Difference – Ring Help

Hi SolarEclipse, thanks for the reply.
I have already seen that and it does say its enabled for wired setups but i still would have expected to see the option somewhere just in case i wanted to disable but no option at all. i do also have the protection plan so shouldnt be that.

Based on this statement on that page I’d presume it’s always on and there’s no option for you to turn it on or off.

Is Advanced Pre-Roll always enabled?
Advanced Pre-Roll is always enabled for wired Ring devices.

Muzzy -

Did you, by any chance, enable Ring’s (optional) End-to-End Encryption feature for your Video Doorbell Pro 2? If so, the pre-roll capability will NOT be available unless you disable End-to-End Encryption for that device.

@Frustrated427 i thought you might be on to something but sadly no i haven’t enabled that. i am now wondering if enabling it will stop pre-roll working though.

@SolarEclipse perhaps you’re right… it does say that it can be toggled on and off but the part that says its always on for wired might supersede that.

thank you both

Muzzy -

What makes you believe that the Ring pre-roll feature is NOT enabled? For example, do video clips not begin until people are walking away from your front door? Alternately, is it because you can’t figure out which event(s) triggered the creation of a particular video clip?

Although it’s a bit of a hassle, you may want to (temporarily) enable End-to-End Encryption for your device to see what it looks like when the pre-roll capability is automatically DISABLED. Depending on a number of factors, you may notice a real difference in the point at which video clip creation begins. In other words, you may discover that the pre-roll feature had previously been turned on – even though it didn’t seem like it was.

Ill have a play around and try that and see what happens.

Muzzy -

If you are able to discover the source of your problem and the solution, I hope you post it here for the benefit of other Ring Community members.

yeah i will do :smiley: thanks @Frustrated427

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