Cannot enable motion detection on ring outdoor camera anymore

Suddenly my camera is saying that all motion zones are disabled although I have not disabled motion. I try to turn it back on and get a success message (android app) but the app still says it is disabled. I have tried changing home/away mode (both modes have motion enabled on that camera), reenabling different combinations of motion zones and restarting the app. Everything was working fine until now. What is happening, ring team?
edit: motion detection alerts still work, this seems to be a UI bug in the app

Please ensure there is not a VPN enabled. Check out also this Help Center article for android apps that conflict with the Ring app. Thank you for sharing your experience, feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I cannot enable motion detection either. The ring article posted did not address my issue.

Hi @Havyn. What type of Ring device do you have and what version of the Ring app are you using? Can you upload a screenshot of what Motion Settings you can use? Is there a specific error you are running into? In order to provide an adequate solution, we’ll need a little bit more information.