Cannot enable/disable motion detection via alexa

How do I turn on/off motion detection via alexa

I have tried to use Modes as described in this article

But although I have changed the default settings to disable motion detection when in disarmed mode, Alexa will not let me change modes - it tells me the action is not supported for the device.

go to settings
tap on home/away
tap on cameras
from there u will have the option to turn off/on camera

This is not my problem, I have already set modes with disabling camera. I can go into the app and change mode. I want to use Alexa to change mode.

When I use Alexa, it will not let me change mode. It says it is not supported.

Hi @user52093. I was able to find this Community post where another neighbor had a similar concern to yours. There is a marked solution in that post as well.


It appears that Ring have not yet updated their support documents which still say Ring cameras support arming/disarming by Alexa but the post response was that in fact this is an error.

Maybe one day they will add this feature since it is evident that users want it.

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