Cannot arm from keypad

I am new to ring. Just installed yesterday. I can not get my keypad to arm/disarm. But I can through the app. Any suggestions?

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Hey @Jodisf77. When you put in your 4 digit code and hit the Disarm/Home/Away buttons, what happens? You will need to ensure you have the proper code set up for yourself to have the system go into the mode you choose. In addition, make sure the Keypad is showing in the system and as online. If your code is not working, I recommend changing it to the code you are using to ensure you have the correct code. You can learn more about this here.

I do have a same issue. The keypad is connected but then it does not arm or disarm. I have gen 1.

Hi @alok_1979. Would you mind answering these questions that were posted by Chelsea? This will help the Community have a better understanding of what might be happening.