Cannot add a shared user

Having much frustration trying to add my wife as a shared user for our alarm pro and doorbell camera. Stuck in an endless loop where I enter her email, she receives the invite email, clicks the link provided in the invite, and then can’t seem to actually accept the invite. Phone support has no suggestions other than to try again. This seems like pretty baseline functionality but we’ve trying for weeks without luck.

Hi @user47970. Start by deleting all email invitations for Shared Users. Then, go in the Ring app and delete all invitations. Next, follow the steps listed here. Let me know if this helps.

it much be better if your wife accept the invite using the ring app.

open the ring app on her phone
tap three lines
go to control center
tap on shared user
look for location (shared)
tap manage and accept

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This worked! Many thanks! Even Ring phone support kept suggesting I needed to click on the link in the email first, which just wasn’t working!


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