Cannot Access Video When There's Activity

Whenever I get a notice that there’s activity at the front door, I cannot access the video for several seconds, up to a minute, or longer. The RSSI for the doorbell is either -56 or -57. I moved the doorbell next to the router as a test – the RSSI read -15. I just added a Ring Chime Pro. The RSSI for the Ring Chime Pro is -46 (the last time I checked it). The RSSI for the doorbell did not improve after I added the Ring Chime Pro. I continue having problems accessing the video when I receive notice that there’s activity at the front door. The same thing happens when someone rings the doorbell and I try to access the camera – I can’t. I can access “live view” anytime. According to an online article, a RSSI between -50 and -60 is very good. Well, it’s not good enough to solve the problem I’m experiencing. Any guidance would be sincerely appreciated.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this. An RSSI that close to -60 consistently, is an indicator of distance or interference which may be enough to affect video. The Chime Pro should certainly help with this, here are some tips on Chime Pro Placement.

Also, here is our best explanation of RSSI and common ways to improve it. A sufficient wifi speed, an up to date router, and limited interferences (walls, appliances, metals) between the router and Video Doorbell is the best formula for optimal functionality.

The Chime Pro is installed approximately halfway between the router and the front door, where the Ring Video Doorbell is mounted. Between the room where the router is and the front door there are two walls that cannot be rearranged. I cannot move the router, for it is installed where AT&T put the cable connection for the router. I’m stuck with a less-than-ideal situation. If I knew that this was the case, then I would not have spent the money.

OK, Everyone: I owe an apology to the folks at Ring. All the errors belong to me – I own them.

My problems stemmed from two issues: 1. I still have to learn how my smart phone functions, and 2. I still have to learn the ins and outs of using the Ring app.

I was able to conquer both, and run two or three tests to ensure that I am able to access the video whenever I get notice of activity by the front door, or whenever someone rings the doorbell.

I won’t bore you with the details. The Ring app works on my phone. The Ring devices all seem to be functioning as they are designed to function.

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Please share what you discovered. I have the exact same problem! My numbers are similar to yours and if I click on the message “There is activity at the front door”, I can not view the activity. I have to wait for quite a while and then view it in history. :frowning:

This defeats the purpose of having the cameras.

I have developed the same problem with my Ring Pro. I’ve increased the signal strength to from - 62 db to -32 db by adding a wifi entender to no avail. The system will very occaisonally link up. However, every time someone pushes my doorbell I must go see who it is it I want to talk to him. I can see the person if I wait for the video to process but no one is willing to wait that long for a response. The makes the system useless for my purposes. When I first puchased the Ring Pro a few years ago it worked satisfactorly. How can I recover from ring’s improvements?

Please share with us what you did!

Can you or some please post what you found was wrong. You said it was your error, but apparently several others are experiencing the same error. Thank you!