Cannot access live view when I am at work. I work about 15 to 20 miles away. Should I be able to access the live view from work?

I cannot access live view from work. I work in another county about 15 to 20 miles away. When I click on live view it just keeps swirling. Then I am able to go back and look at live view after the fact but I can never view live when I am at work. Is this something that I should be able to do? I have a Motorola phone on the T-Mobile network. Please help!

Indeed you should. The system would be pretty worthless without being able to do this! I would first of all like to know if at home, does Live View activate quickly? What is the RSSI level shown in Settings/Device Health? If that number is between 65 and zero, that is good and the closer to zero the better. The Ring works through your wifi and therefore from work to your home wifi. At work, are you connecting through work wifi, or through data? What is the strength of the signal? Check out these things and report back. You might also try the Rapid Ring app. which is known to activate Live View faster whether at home or away. You can have both apps on your phone, as the Rapid Ring is very limited in functionality so you will always want to have the regular app too.

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