Cannot access live video

For the past two weeks I am unable to access live video through the ring app on my note 10+. I can access the live video via my smartthings app, however when I try to pull up the video via the ring app - the app just freezes on my phone. sometimes I have to force close the app to get my phone to respond. My phone recently updated to android 10 as well.

Hey @Retrodave15! If you have not already tried, please remove the app and reinstall it on your Note 10. This will check for any app updates as well as ensure for optimal integration with your mobile device. Please also disable things like bluetooth, VPN, or 3rd party apps that might interfere with streaming. Testing this on wifi only, as well as cellular data only, can help to determine which connection might be best. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

How did you get the live video in the ST app? Mine just says camera is unavailable…

Hey @rhrh84. Which device do you have? After taking a look into the SmartThings support channel, it looks like the only support the integration with Live View for the Ring Video Doorbell and the Pro at this time. I also found this thread on Reddit that confirmed it only works for the Doorbell at this time it seems. Hope this helps!

Hi Chelsea,

I have a video doorbell2 and two floodlight cams. None of them seem to work with live video. The IDE of smartthings lists the floodlight cam, the websites says it works but it never activates the cam properly.

@rhrh84 Are you able to pull up the Live View for all of your devices through the Ring app? If you are able to access the Live View this way, then it shows the connection to your devices is available to stream, which it therefore should work on the Smart Things app. I also recommend to give Smart Things Support a call or chat if possible, as this seems to be their app not allowing the devices to pull up the Live View.

Yep i can see live view in the ring app, i can even see the live view request in the log:
9:43:21 AM: info [SM] ringApiResponseTime=853

9:43:20 AM: trace [SM] Executing ‘ringApiGet()’

9:43:20 AM: info [SM] ringApiResponseTime=1259

9:43:20 AM: trace [SM] Executing ‘liveStreamHandler()’

9:43:21 AM: trace [SM] This is not a latent stream

9:43:21 AM: trace [SM] Executing ‘handleLatentLiveStream()’

9:43:21 AM: debug [SM] vendorMessage() - On-Demand Live View Event Received for Side.

Trouble is ring and smartthings both point the finger at each other

@rhrh84 I totally understand how both sides could be confused with the other. After doing some research online, I found that it could still be hit or miss for people with these devices to get them fully working. In the adventure of wanting to make this an easy experience for you, I gave Smart Things a call up! I had them look into this concern with your exact situation, and gave them the details of what we already know (Ring devices working in the Ring app and the information you just provided me).

The wonderful representative that I was talking to told me that there was an Android app update that was just pushed to the Smart Things app that should fix this concern. She recommend to try clearing the cache and data for the Smart Things app first, which may log you out. Once logged back in, check and see if you can pull up this Live Video. If it still fails, try completely removing the Smart Things app, restarting your phone and then reinstalling the app. In the event that the reinstall doesn’t help, she recommended for us to have you delete the Ring devices from the app and then reinstall/set them up in the app. Since the video feed is working in the Ring app, she confirmed for me that this is a concern on their end of things.

Lastly, I also confirmed with the representative the official list of devices that should work from Ring with the Smart Things app and it is as follows: Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Floodlight Cam, and the Spotlight Cam Wired and Mount.

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Thankyou for this info, I will test it all out and let you know

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Cleared the data from my phone app and now it works on TV and phone. Thank you for your support!!!

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Hey guys
My dad didn’t need 2 rings so he gave me one and after a reset it was all working fine for a day
But for the past 2 weeks it’s been stuck on activating device
Tried everything but can’t access live view

@rhrh84 Fantastic news! I’m so happy it’s working as it should for you now. :slight_smile:

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Hey @joeelev. Are you unable to access the Live View from your Ring app or the Samsung Smart Things app? This thread is in reference to accessing a camera on a Samsung app. If you have a concern with your Doorbell’s Live View from the Ring app, please make a post in our Doorbells board here!