Cancelling Ring Alarm Plan Question

I am moving in a month and looking to stop the auto billing of my ring alarm and camera plan from occuring. When I select cancel it seems that it will cancel immediately and not at the end of my current contract which runs for another 2 months. If I proceed with cancelling will it cancel immediately or will my account still be active until the renewal date?

Hi @wptruitt! For annual plans, If you cancel your annual Ring Protect Plan at any time during your subscription period, your annual plan will be prorated over 12 months. Accordingly, you will be responsible for the monthly subscription fee (i.e., fee for the monthly subscription plan) for each month of your annual subscription period prior to your cancellation. If you cancel after a new month of your annual plan has already started, you will be charged for the entire month’s subscription fee. You will be eligible for a refund **or credit ** of the remainder of your annual subscription fee (minus any credits applied or partial refunds issued).

**For a monthly plan, ** you can cancel your monthly Ring Protect Plan at any time during your subscription period. However, monthly plans are not eligible for prorated refunds. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I deleted a device that i no longer am using due to moving as well. I deleted it in the app and i had an annual plan. I read somewhere that maybe I should have cancelled the plan first and then removed the device? Will this affect whether or not I can get the prorated refund? Also, do I have to ask for the refund somehow or will I automatically get it on my credit card?


Hey @thekimfamilyhome. If you have removed the device from your account, you will need to make sure you cancel your plan on in order to get the prorated refund. You can do this by hovering over your name at the top right after logging into to click on My Plans and cancel from there. At that point you should be refunded whatever months you are not using in the end. To make sure you get the prorated refund or if you have any issues when cancelling the plan, reach out to our support team via phone here.