Cancelled ring subscription last year but charged yesterday

Hi guys,

As per the heading, cancelled ring last year and was told it’s all cancelled and was still charged yearly fee yesterday. I moved houses and don’t own ring anymore.

I’m based in Australia and the Timezone difference makes it hard to call someone.

Can someone please assist?

I tried to login to my account but said I don’t have any ring set up. Which I assume means my when I cancelled it was successful. I cancelled around august 2022 I think.

Thank you

Hi @WadeM. The Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, and is not a direct line to our support team. We can help with general troubleshooting concerns, but billing questions should be directed to our support team so they can review your account information and assist with any changes that need to be made. Since you mentioned you are outside of the US, you can find our hours of operation here.

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