Cancel subscription

How do I cancel my subscription. I been paying 10.00 month for the past 6 months and today they send me email saying I need a permit to use professional monitoring , why did they wait so long to say this and take my money all this time ? I am not the least bit happy with this

I’m sorry but I thought it was pretty commone knowledge that many cities require an alarm permit. I also read this as a disclosure when I was signing up for my monitoring through Ring.

On that note… have you called your city offices to see what’s involved? Many times it’s just a matter of letting them know you have a monitored alarm. I do have to pay around $35 a year to my city but I had to do that with any system I had.

You should be able to log in to your account and change your plan to whatever you want. There isn’t a minimum term contract as far as I know.