Canadian Protect Plus Subscriptions Fee

Wondering if anyone has reviewed there Invoice for Protect Plus Subscriptions this year? My bill shows a 13% GST/HST Canadian dollar additional fee against a $100 US invoice. Queried the additional charge with Customer support and they cannot provide any documentation to support this.
How does anyone feel about this? How do we know the Canadian government will get these charges.
I don’t know of any other US vendor that does this. Could this be legit and legal?

Hi @Gents_10. The Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, so we’re unable to review billing details or invoices. I’d recommend following up again with our support team to request more information about your Ring Protect Plan invoice.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring…my apologies if I misunderstood the purpose of this forum. I just was looking for feed back from my fellow ring users.
I’m having issue with ring customer support and getting them to provide documentation to validate what they have done in the new invoicing for this year.

@Gents_10 No worries, I wanted to ensure you were pointed in the right direction. I know that previously, taxes for some regions outside the US were not displayed separately for the Ring Protect Plan subscription. This was changed to display the tax on a separate line from the base price of the plan. However, I can’t say for certain if this is what you’re seeing on your invoice, so that question is best directed to support. They may need to work with a speciality team since this involves billing, though I can’t speak to exactly what documentation can be provided.