Canadian Protect Plus Plan and cellular backup

Recently installed Ring Alarm and still on trial plan with all the bells and whistles. Then, after chat with representative, who confirmed, that the only available plan in Canada with cellular backup is Protect Plus I bought a subscription.

My Account > Devices > Base Station screen shows that I have strong cellular connection - Cellular Strength with 4 full bars.

Tried to disconnect the Wi-Fi router from power. After few seconds my app informed me that “Ring Alarm is on Alarm Cellular Backup

Amazon listing of Ring Alarm indicates that “Activate 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup with Ring Protect Plus (subscription sold separately).

Home Depot listing indicates “Cellular Backup with Ring Protect Plus subscription

However, your website indicates that only Ring Alarm Pro device with has cellular backup (which is strange, since I have it with regular Ring Alarm) and nothing about cellular backup under Protect Plus plan.

I made multiple calls to support service. Each of them gave me a different answer :slight_smile: One of answers was “you have a cellular backup only during the trial period. After that it will be unavailable in Canada Protect Plus plan”

So my question is: Does Canadian Protect Plus plan include cellular backup or not?

Hi @ArtakEVN. Cellular Backup is included with your Ring Protect Plus plan, and it is not exclusive to the Ring Alarm Pro. The wording on other retailer’s websites can sometimes cause a bit of confusion regarding what features are and aren’t available, so apologies for any miscommunication there. The Ring Protect Plans available for neighbors in the US are a little different than for neighbors in other regions, which may have added to the confusion as well.

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