Can you use the Ring Plug-In Adapter for Ring Video Doorbell Pro on the All-new Ring Video Doorbell

I just purchased and received the new Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus and am installing it.

We would like to also power the unit, besides the onboard battery. The specs show a 16v 30va specification. I was heading down the hardwire route and discovered the need for the resistor.

I would now prefer to use Plug-In Adapter for Ring Video Doorbell Pro, but the specifications for that unit are 24V AC at 20 VA – and the infomation on the Ring website only show it to be compatible with the Ring Video Pro.

Do you have any suggestions? And is the Ring Plug-In Adapter compatible with the new Ring Video 3?

Thanks in advance.

In other words, is this Ring Plug-in Adapter compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell 3? Or do you still have to charge the battery due to incompatility?

Great question @RickB! The Ring Plug In Adapter can certainly be used with our Battery powered Doorbells. Keep in mind, any power supply that does not include an existing chime kit wired in circuit, will require a resistor. Check out our help center article for information and instructions on this installation scenario. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Please confirm that with the Ring Plug-In Adapter does NOT require the resistor to be installed. The instructions on the Adapter do not mention the installation of a resistor.

(I understand that a stand-alone 8-24V transformer would need to have a resistor installed, but not for the Ring Plug-In Adapter…)

Thank you.