Can you use a wired indoor cam for constant video recording?

Can I use a wired indoor cam for constant video recording as opposed to only being motion-control triggered? I have a dog that I want to keep an eye on and if I miss something that she does while I am gone I want to be able to review it, but it’s possible it may not be triggered by motion.

Good question @theMZA! Our camera enabled devices are able to record a triggered event such as motion, and a manually initiated live view from the Ring app. This means there will either need to be motion, or you would need to perform a live view from the Ring app. That being said, an answered motion event or a live view can be streamed for up to 10 minutes. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The Ring offering is based on motion triggered capture. So 24/7 recording is not an option currently. There was some comms about them introducing an add service option that would introduce 24/7 (at a undisclosed cost). I am sure this is being tested now, but it would only be available on wired models based on battery considerations.

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