Can you turn off the Lights with Motion setting

Here’s what I would like to do with the lights on my Floodlight Cam, but I can’t seem to do this using the iOS or Mac app settings.

Choice 1 - I’d really like to disable turning off/on of the lights by the Floodlight Cam altogether and have Alexa do it via a rotuine. However, I can’t seem to be able to disable the device from doing the lighting via Motion Sensor. If I go Device Settings > Light Settings > Motion Zones for Lights on iOS app, I can never turn off the “Turn on Lights with Motion” setting. If do and tap Save, then next time I go into that view, it returns to On position.

Choice 2 - If I can’t do that, I’d like to just use the Light Schedule (Device Settings > Light Settings > Light Schedule). But again, because I can never turn off the “Turn on Lights with Motion” setting, the Light Schedule doesn’t kick in.

Are either of these possible?

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Are you tapping Save on the top right before you exit the screens? Mine stay set after I tap Save.

Yes, I do the following:

  1. Change the “Turn on lights with motion” toggle to off.

  2. Tap the Save button (top right).

  3. Click the < button (top left).

  4. Go back into Motion Zones for Lights view and the “Turn on lights with motion” toggle is back on.

Note that the other two settings (e.g., Auto Shutoff Timer) do persist when I click Save.

It may be the app. You could try deleting the app. Rebooting your phone and then reinstall the app.

I tried your suggestion but still get same result. What’s more, I have the same issue on my iPad device as well, so it does not seem to be tied to my phone or iOS version specifically.

It may be an iOS issue then. On my Android phone it’s working as expected. Maybe someone with an iPhone or an iPad can check.

I’m having the same issue in my iOS app. Looks like a bug or poor design. Probably requires a call to rech support but I don’t have time to do that now…

This used to work fine for me and within the last week or so I’m running into the same issue that the motion light settings turn back on automatically even if I save them off.
Did anyone find a resolution? I tried updating to the most recent release and still have the same problem

Same here - so annoying. Means I have to unplug the floodlight in order to step outside and see the stars. Does anybody know how to raise a tech support ticket?

There is a workaround. Go to the Motion Zones for Lights setting window and turn off each of the three zones. This will have the net effeeect of turning of lights based on motion. You can then set up the light schedule. I did this a couple months back and it works as intended.

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This is exactly what I was doing until a couple weeks ago. Clicking the 3 zones off manually and pushing save looks like it works but come back to the light settings screen a few seconds later and the 3 zones are turned back on

You can if the app worked correctly. Ring has been aware of this issue and has done nothing to correct it because they are too busy creating new devices. It’s sad really.

Thank you for this information, neighbors. We appreciate your patience while the team continues to investigate this. We’re going to have a Ring team member contact you using the same email address associated with your Community log in and Ring account. We’ll be able to give you a more direct line of support and deliver information to the appropriate team at Ring. We will continue to update you with information from the team when we have a more permanent fix.

Thank you for this information, neighbors. For now, I have accepted this post as a solution. While we are aware of this concern and as the team continues to investigate, this is a helpful way for other neighbors that come into this thread to try these recommended troubleshooting steps. In addition, any neighbor that comments in this thread with having this concern will be reached out to personally in order to issue a fix from our end. Please continue to share examples as to what happens so we can pass it along to the appropriate teams. We appreciate your patience and will continue to update this thread with more information. Thank you again!

Hey neighbors! Just wanted to pass on word that I heard from my teams. It looks like the issue of the motion zones for the lights not saving on the Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam has been fixed at this time. Thank you to the neighbors that were patient during this time and I apologize in advance if we were unable to get to everyone that originally had this concern. It is now resolved, so please make sure you have an updated version of your app! If you continue to run into this concern of the zones not saving, please let us know or for a more immediate response, please reach out to our support team here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this information, neighbors. For now, I have accepted this post as a solution as we have deemed that this trending concern has been resolved. We appreciate your patience again and will continue to keep an eye on this thread in case things change. Thank you!

Hi @Ring,

on iOS Ring app 5.24.1, I have the opposite issue where the light motion settings always defaults to off even after saving and then returning to this view. I have two Spotlight cams in the group and notice that the first time when entering this view, both lights toggle on even though I toggle one light on. Thereafter they can be independently toggled but what ever permutation apart from all off can only be saved or that it defaults both to off. I never looked at this setting previously so unfortunately can’t verify the condition prior to the April fix.

@InsiderMINI Are you trying to turn off the right or left side of the lights on the Spotlight Cam? The lights (toggling them on/off) is an all or nothing type of deal, so you will be adjusting the zones that the lights will be detecting motion to turn on, not the side of the lights to turn on/off. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

@Chelsea_Ring @InsiderMINI Despite the reply from Ring above, I have not received an update to the app yet and am still on a version from April 2 (5.24.1).

So looks like we still need to wait for the update to come out before these issues will be resolved…

@Dalamscius As stated, if you cannot update your app manually through the Google Play or Apple App Store, please remove the Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone, and reinstall the Ring app! This should give you the most recent update. :slight_smile:


Nothing to do with only requiring only the left or right side of each light or zoning; it’s the basic function of requiring both spotlight cam lights in my group to come on when either of the Spotlights detect motion. The screen shot shows the setting where it always resets to “will not detect movement” when I return to this screen, even though “save” was previously used. This still occurs after the iOS version 5.25.0 update this morning.

@InsiderMINI This is going to be in the Linked Devices section in the Ring app, which is a bit different than the OP’s concern. Although, since you cannot save the setting, could you go into the Linked Device for another camera to see if that saves? If it still does not save, please try another device (as it looks like you may be on an iPad, and see if that saves.

In the event that this may still fail, could you remove the Ring app from your device, reboot the device by turning it off/on, and then reinstall the app. Let me know with a screen recording if this still happens! This would be very helpful to pass onto the appropriate teams if need be. :slight_smile: