Can you turn off all notifications except alarms?

I own an office building with 16 different tenants. Each tenant has a unique security code and 24/7 access. I don’t want a security system to notify me at home each time someone enters the building, but ONLY when the alarm is triggered. I can then evaluate the situation by video or audio. Will the Ring alarm system do this?

Hi @Stoutimore. With the Ring Alarm, you can configure how you get alerts specific to your needs. Each user on the Ring Alarm system can do this on their own phone, without it affecting any other users. So I believe what you are trying to accomplish is a feature that we support. I hope this helps!

Your reply did not satisfy his question. I searched for the same topic and only found this one question. I have a home alarm system, and only want to be notified when an alarm is triggered, or when battery is low. I don’t want to be notified every time a door is opened.

It would be helpful to have more definition in the ‘Alarm Alert’ section. For example, under ‘security’, what is ‘mode updates’? Under ‘devices’, what is ‘device status’? I want to know what behaviors are turned on or off with the various toggles. If I toggle ‘system status’ off, will I not be notified of an alarm? I’d like to know the behaviors of each toggle so I can decide what alerts I need.

Hi @MisplacedTexan. Thanks for sharing your concern for the original posters question. If they have anymore questions, I’m happy to help! The Alarm Alerts section under the Settings menu is where you can select what you are notified about. To specifically answer the alerts you had questions about:

  • Mode updates- This is when you switch Modes for your Ring Alarm (Disarmed, Home, Away).
  • Device Status- This will let you know the status of your Devices. For example- Contact Sensor Offline/Online
  • System Status- I believe you were referring to Base Station Status, which would be similar to Device status. This would let you know when your Base Station is Offline/Online.

This is also great feedback, as I can see the benefit in have some type of description in the Ring app for these toggles. This is something I can share with my team. I hope this information helps!