Can you omit a door sensor from your alarm system

Situation is this, we have two doors in our office. I want to be able to arm those when the system is armed. However, we have a shared exterior door that is frequently left open. Can we arm the system omitting this shared exterior door but still be able to see if it is open or closed?

Hi there, @Brien! This can certainly be done in the Ring app Alarm modes settings. With your Ring app open, open the Menu, and select Settings. Under the settings section select Modes, then select the Alarm Mode you would like to alter. From there you can choose chirps, delays, and the Sensors to be included in each mode.

There is also a manual or “one time” way of accomplishing what you are looking for, and it is through bypassing a device. Whenever you are arming your Alarm and a Sensor is tripped, it will give you the opportunity to clear the Sensor and include it in the arming, or to bypass the Sensor. Bypassing would exclude it from that armed mode for only that instance. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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