Can we disable indoor chime when doorbell is pressed?

Q:I would like to disable the chime from my Ring Doorbell. It’s a trigger for my dog to start barking, and my mom goes to bed early and gets migraines that are sound-sensitive. Barking doesn’t help migraines. We get the sound notifications (indoor chiming) when someone presses the doorbell button on the Ring, but we would like to disable the doorbell noise that resonates through the house and hurts my mom when she’s having a migraine. Please help. I don’t like seeing my mom suffer.

Hey @KevinF. Happy to help here! Just to clarify, is this the sound from the internal chime kit in your home, or the sound the physical Ring Video Doorbell makes? If you disconnect the wiring from the Doorbell to the internal chime kit and allow the Doorbell to run only off of the battery, you can do it this way for a permanent solution that should be easy to do. If this is the physical Doorbell making the sound, you can go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell > Device Settings > General Settings > Doorbell Ringer Volume and turn this all the way down.