Can the US Voiceon my Ring doorbell be changed to a UK one?

Hi. I have a ring doorbell that speaks messages. The voice is a US woman. Is it possible to change the voice to a UK one?

Hi @doverrog. Can you tell me a little bit more about this voice? When does this voice activate? What does it say? What specific model of the Doorbell do you have? What version of the Ring app do you have installed and what type of phone are you using? This information will help me better assist you. Thanks, neighbour!

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They are likely referring to the motion alert “Motion detected at your [front door]” available on door bell models. The spoken alert is handy if you have multiple cams, but the American accent is rather…grating.

I also have this question. It says the Ring app takes the language setting from the iOS language setting. My phone is set to UK English yet the Ring still uses the US accent.
I assume this means it is NOT using the iOS language setting, but the location setting. Unfortunately, as we know changing the location settings to the UK causes major problems with the app store. Note, I’ve noticed recently Google maps has the same issue.