Can the sensitivity be changed

I live on a somewhat busy street,especially when the elementary school down the street is open or dismissing. About 30 feet from the doorbell. Had to turn off the notification chime because it goes off every minute some of the day. This bell was a gift. I’m a senior, only moderately techie. Any way to improve this situation?

Glad you asked @ButterflyLady! There are a few options that might improve your experience during high traffic moments. If this happens on a routine basis, motion scheduling is an excellent option to try. In your motion settings you can enable a schedule (days/ time) for alerts not to be sent. Also in your motion settings, will be Motion Frequency. This allows you to alter how often back to back motions will occur.

If the timing of these events differ, and you are needing a quicker way to toggle off alerts for this time, the Motion Snooze option in your app will prevent alerts for a desired duration. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Yes the sensitivity of motion detection can be changed - on the app select devices - then select the doorbell - on the next page select ‘motion settings’ – next screen select ‘Motion zones’ - there you can select how close or how far from the doorbell the sensor sees and turn some zones off if you have a problem in one specific are – don’t forget to save before leaving that page
if you want to sense even closer to your door then consider using a Wedge’ mount (from Ring) to tilt your doorbell down at an angle to reduce it’s ability to see the road in front of your house